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Driveway Cleaning & Sealing Services

ProJet’s professional driveway cleaning service offers a thorough, deep clean to get rid of unwanted dirt, debris and stains safely, so that your driveway looks as good as new.


We clean all types of surfaces including block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac and resin-bound paving, using industrial machines to guarantee a professional finish. We begin by inspecting the area to be cleaned to assess the level of degradation and to advise whether sealing and sanding is required. Work is generally carried out over a number of days to ensure the area has fully dried out after cleaning before we begin the sanding/sealing procedure. 


The first part of the cleaning process removes the dirt and growth from the surface of your driveway. Our professional-quality cleaning products allow us to clean it at lower pressure, protecting your driveway from damage. We specialise in black spot treatment, and our block paving cleaner gets rid of algae, lichens and weeds.


As well as removing any debris, cleaning lifts the original colour to the surface, so you’ll notice an immediate improvement in how your driveway looks, but to maintain that appearance, it needs to be sealed with a protective layer.

Whether it’s a newly laid or recently cleaned driveway, sealing locks in the colour and prevents it from fading. While sealant protects your driveway from the elements and prevents water from seeping in, it can be difficult to reverse once it’s applied, so the right preparation is essential.  Before we seal your driveway, we remove any weeds that have grown, and clean the dirt out from between the joints of block paving. Because it’s laid on a bed of sand, it’s common for unsealed block paving to become muddy once it’s wet. We’ll clean away any excess dirt and check to see if the sand in the joints needs replacing.  After replacing the sand if necessary, we seal the gaps in between the joints, which strengthens the paving, prevents the regrowth of weeds, moss and algae and protects against unwanted stains such as oil or rust. 


While investing in a professional driveway cleaner may seem like an extravagance, cleaning and sealing correctly can breathe new life into your paving and reduce your overall maintenance. If you’re wondering how often you’ll need to reseal it, two coats of ProJet’s premier sealer should last for about 5 years. Just give your driveway a good brush down each season to minimise any build-up of dirt and debris.


You can rest assured that ProJet has the best equipment for the job, from our industrial standard machines to our professional cleaning products; our high-end sealers and protective clothing. If you’re looking for driveway cleaning and sealing in Nottingham and have questions, or would like to book a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch.