Feburary Editorial

As we are all aware, January was very a very wet month for all of us and our properties. The heavy rain shown up issues with many of our roofs and guttering.

January we was extremely busy with emergency gutter cleans as many of our customers had issues with blocked guttering which was overflowing onto there property.

Why is it important to have my gutters cleared? 

Having your gutters cleaned out isn’t something that is the top of everyone’s list, understandably, but it’s vitally important to make sure the gutters are flowing correctly to ensure when the rain does come down, that it’s not effecting the outside/inside of your home.  We’ve seen several cases in January where the outsides of customers homes have gone green from continually getting wet from the overflowing gutter. Going green doesn’t sound the end of the world but over time, the damp from the outside wall will start to effect the brickwork/render and then start to effect your inside walls. We had one customer who’s paint has flaked off there external wall from continually getting wet, it’s then rotted there wooden door and made the plaster come off inside around the door. This was an extreme case of what damage a blocked gutter can do, but it’s always good to be mindful and to keep the gutters well maintained.

Gutters get blocked mainly from falling leafs & moss falling off your roof. When we carry out our roof cleaning service, we remove the moss, clear the gutters out and treat the roof with a moss killer that kills any remaining moss spores off. With a top up treatment every 2-3 years, your roof will stay moss free.

Last month along with our gutter and roof cleaning and also our regular contracted work, we’ve cleaned many patios and driveways because they have got dangerously slippy. Once cleaned, we can add a treatment which helps prevent the patio going slippy/green over winter

We are taking bookings in for our driveway & patio sealing service. This generally starts in April time, weather dependant. Sealing block paving once cleaned and sanded helps prevent weed growth, it also helps keep the driveway clean with our maintenance package. Sealing your patio helps prevent stains & blackspot, it also ensures future clearing is a breeze as the dirt will be on the sealer rather than on the slab.