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Gutter & Fascia Cleaning Services

Keeping your gutters clean is an essential part of home maintenance but for many, it only becomes a priority when there’s a problem. At ProJet we offer a comprehensive, non-intrusive gutter cleaning service, tackling your blocked gutters and providing regular cleaning and maintenance for long-term peace of mind.


We offer both residential and commercial gutter cleaning, carried out by our team of experts. In addition to unblocking gutters and flushing out downpipes to remove build-up, we deliver a thorough gutter cleaning inside and out. We also inspect your gutters to identify potential issues that may cause problems further down the line. Gutters play an essential role in preventing water from pouring down the sides of your property. A heavy buildup of water can lead to sagging gutters, and something as seemingly minor as a loose screw or faulty bracket can prevent your gutter from doing its job effectively. 


If you don’t resolve gutter issues quickly, they can soon lead to many other problems including stained siding and rotting fascia boards. And, if puddles of water are forming on the ground, you may even incur damage to the foundations of your home.

While you may have considered tackling it yourself, hiring a professional gutter clearing service takes away the headaches. For standard residential gutter cleaning jobs, we use a ladder, clearing out the gutters by hand to remove leaves, twigs, moss and any other debris that has accumulated. We also check for rogue foliage that often grows in the silt from roof tiles. For taller buildings, we use a professional gutter vacuum that allows us to easily clean gutters up to 40ft high. 


Once the gutter is clear, we inspect the downpipes for blockages. We then use professional jet washers to flush out internal obstructions and to get rid of any residual dirt that has accumulated in the pipes. 


Cleaning the outside of your gutters is also important and can make a big difference to the appearance of your property. First, we’ll identify any repairs that need to be made – reattaching loose joints and aligning your gutters with the eaves. Next, we recommend our fascia and soffit cleaning service, which ensures the whole area looks as good as new.