January Editorial

With winter in full swing, it’s important to know what an effect the heavy rain, leaf fall and moss growth can have on home owners gutters/roofs.

We’ve even had one customer telling us they wish they got us in sooner, they had a blocked gutter and the water had frozen inside leading to the gutter falling down. Which cost the customer a new side of guttering. We’ve also had several customers that had over flowing gutters which caused the water to overflow into their roof space which resulted in damp ceilings/walls inside their house.

It proves keeping your gutters clear to be very important as it protects your property.

Now, on to Roof Cleaning, this can not only make a staggering visual change to your property but it can also extend the lifespan of your roof now that the added weight of moss and dirt has been removed

A mossy roof can not only look unsightly it can cause damage to your roof, and will often cause your gutters to become blocked as it falls from the tiles, into your gutters and downpipes.. and we all know blocked gutters are reknown for causing damp issues.

We have 2 options for cleaning roofs, we can either manually remove the moss, clear out the gutters and apply a moss killer treatment which kills any remaining moss spores off your roof as well as cleaning your roof tiles over a 12 month period.
The second option would be to low pressure clean the roof, this can only be used on certain roof because depending on the tile, it could take a protective coating off the roof tile. So when we come out to give you a free quotation we will explain to you which method best suits your roof, once low pressure cleaned we would apply the same moss killer as stated previously

Only ever use professionals to clean your roof. We are fully insured and have many years experience. A visit from us will have your roof looking clean and free from moss.