July Editorial

As soon as we think summer has arrived, it starts raining again. Thankfully we’ve managed to not lose any days work but there has been a lot of juggling around with what jobs we can do in certain weathers. Our sanding & sealing service needs dry weather but all of our other ground work can be done in the rain. A big thank you to our great customers who fully understand the weather is out of our control.

It’s been a hectic but amazing last few months for Projet. Alongside having to purchase a new van and equipment to meet the high demand, we’ve yet again been working 7 days a week.

Why should I seal my driveway?

Sealing block paving, will create a barrier and coat that repels water, oil and dirt. Sealing will also help to preserve the paving’s natural beauty for years to come. A real big hit with the customers is that the sealer acts as a weed inhibitor, also because the sealer sets the sand hard between the joints, it helps prevent weeds from germinating.

Before we apply any sealer, we clean the surface including removing all weeds/dirt out of the joints. Then once dry, we apply fresh sand into the joints between the blocks to keep them secure and prevents them from sinking. The final step is to seal the block paving and joints to give your driveway a fresh new look with the protection of any unwanted oil spills and weed prevention. Alongside sealing block paving, we also seal patios.

If you have any external cleaning needs or simply have a question then please get in touch.