July Editorial

This summer we have enjoyed meeting new customers as well as our repeat customers. We get our customers contacting us through our website, WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail & phone after seeing our advertisements but the most satisfying enquiries are the ones where our old customers have recommended us to friends & family because they are so pleased with the work we’ve carried out.

This last month we’ve been cleaning, sanding and sealing driveways to protect the blocks and help inhibit weeds. We have removed black spot from patio slabs & restored them to looking brand new, plus with them being sealed it gives the slabs that wow factor & protects them from unwanted stains.

We have also been doing moss removal from roofs, once the moss has been removed we add a moss killer treatment on top to keep the roof moss free going forward, an added bonus of that, is that it cleans the tiles back.
Gutter & Fascia cleaning has also been keeping us busy, unblocking the gutters so the rain can run smoothly down the down pipe rather than overflowing, plus cleaning the outsides of the gutters/fascias to bring them back to life. Last but not least, we restored a lovely decking area which was covered in dirt & algae, it was brought back to life and again, a very happy customer.

As well as the initial deep cleaning & sealing services. We offer a maintenance plan going forward to keep on top of your external area that’s been cleaned. The maintenance plans we put into place are all dependant on the surface we are going to be maintaining.  Each plan would be specific to each customer.

If you’d like to know more or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.