Maintaining your patios, driveways, roofs & gutters this summer

A beautifully clean white tiles patio

As we head into August it’s a great time for getting started on those outside maintenance jobs that you may have been putting off. Tasks like cleaning out the gutters, removing moss from the roof, and making sure your drainage systems are working efficiently are all important in maintaining your property and preventing long-term damage from buildups of dirt and moss.

This time of year, many of us enjoy being outside and wiling away a few hours in our gardens, so now is the perfect time to get your patio or driveway looking spick and span. Chances are that there has been a build-up of weeds, mold, and black spots, which has no doubt been steadily growing over the years. You may also notice areas of sunken block paving that could benefit from repairs, cleaning, and sealing to restore them.


before and after of a patio with grey, dirty slabs on the left and then clean, orange slabs on the right

If your outdoor space is in need of a little TLC, ProJet’s team of external cleaning specialists can help

Our experienced team knows which cleaning solutions need to be used depending on the materials and surface types we work on, meaning that your patios, driveways, and roofs will always be treated with care and protected from any potential damage.


a before and after image showing dirty white patio slabs on the left and clean, bright white slabs on the left


ProJet specialise in jet wash cleaning which is the best way to tackle tough build-ups of dirt and moss. All hard surfaces can benefit from this high-pressure cleaning, including concrete, stone, and brick. Using our powerful equipment makes reaching tricky, inaccessible areas of your property much easier and means we will not need to use a ladder or any scaffolding to clean all areas of your property. Steam jet washing can be a huge task and the best way that you can ensure it is carried out safely and effectively is by using a professional external cleaning service. The team at ProJet can quickly and efficiently carry out the job to the highest standards.

So if you’re looking for driveway cleaning and sealing, patio cleaning and sealing, gutter cleaning, or roof cleaning, give us a call today or drop us an email. ProJet is a highly experienced team of comprehensively insured external cleaning specialists working in and around the Nottingham area. Let us help you get your outside space pristine and beautiful, and ready for relaxing in all summer long.