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Patio Cleaning and Sealing Services

If your patio’s losing its lustre, developing nasty black spots, or spouting unwanted greenery, chances are you need a professional patio cleaning service to give it a thorough, deep clean. ProJet specialises in getting rid of unwanted dirt, weeds and stains, bringing your patio back to life.


We clean all types of surfaces including block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac and resin-bound paving. For patios, it tends to be block paving that requires our expertise.  Blocks are always laid on a bed of sand, which starts out a lovely golden colour. If the paving isn’t sealed, however, the sand soon becomes wet and muddy, which seeps into the porous brick affecting its appearance. It also becomes a breeding ground for algae and lichens.

Before starting any work, we inspect the patio to assess your needs. Depending on the level of degradation, we’ll advise whether your patio needs re-sanding and sealing in addition to cleaning. If it does, the work is generally carried out over a number of days as the patio needs to dry out fully before the sanding/sealing procedure begins. 

Our professional-quality cleaning products allow us to clean at lower pressure, protecting your patio from further degradation, and we use industrial machines to guarantee a professional finish. 

We begin the patio cleaning process by removing the dirt and growth from the surface. Many people assume the black spots are just muck, but they are actually lichen. We have a special block paving cleaner that gets rid of algae and weeds and we use a professional black spot treatment for stubborn areas of lichen. Once we’ve cleaned the patio area and removed any unwanted greenery, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in its appearance, as cleaning lifts the original colour to the surface. If you don’t use a patio sealer to protect it from the elements, however, the grime soon returns.  


Sealing your patio with a protective layer locks in the colour and prevents it from fading. It also protects the porous blocks from allowing water to seep in, preventing lichen and algae growth. Sealers can be difficult to reverse once applied, so we take great care to prepare your patio beforehand. We clean thoroughly between all the joints ensuring that we don’t damage the blocks and we check to see if the sand in the joints needs replacing. After replacing the sand, we seal the gaps in between the joints, which strengthens the paving, prevents the regrowth of weeds, and protects against unwanted stains. 


Not only will investing in patio cleaning and sealing have your outdoor space looking as good as new, it will also minimise the time you need to spend on maintenance. After two coats of ProJet’s premier sealer, your patio will look great for about 5 years. All you need to do is give it a good sweep each season to remove any debris.  If you’re looking for patio cleaning and sealing services in Nottingham and have questions, or would like to book a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch.