Projet: Enhancing External Cleaning with Expertise in Sealing Techniques

Projet has 10+ years experience in the external cleaning industry, but we’re always looking at improving our knowledge & machinery which reflects with the great results we achieve on a day to day basis. We’ve been on several training courses over the years, so we can offer the most efficient and up to date cleaning techniques to keep your properties looking like new, not just immediately after cleaning but also keeping your property looking fresh and clean for years with the services we provide. This can happen with the right first initial clean, treatment and where needed, a sealer.

We’ve been working on commercial jobs and residential jobs over the last few months. The commercial jobs have been for the NHS, property management companies and local pubs and schools. This is great for us because it shows the faith that people have in Projet and they know they are in safe hands when it comes it there external cleaning needs

As we’re hopefully coming into some warmer weather, this means we’re able to start applying sealers to customers drives & patios

Why should I seal my block paving/patio?

Sealing block paving, will create a barrier and coat that repels water, oil and dirt. Sealing will also help to preserve the paving’s natural beauty for years to come. A real big hit with the customers is that the sealer acts as a weed inhibitor, meaning the sealer sets the sand hard between the joints, it helps prevent unwanted things from growing between them and discourages weed growth.

Before we apply any sealer to your block paving, we clean the surface including removing all weeds/dirt out of the joints. Then once dry, we apply fresh sand into the joints between the blocks to keep them secure and prevent them from sinking. The third and final step is to seal the block paving and joints to give your driveway that fresh new look with the protection of any unwanted oil spills and the prevention of weeds growing back for years to come.

For patios, we approach this by treating and cleaning the patio slabs to get them looking brand new and removing any black spot, algae, moss and lichen. We can also repoint the slabs where necessary. One that’s completed we seal the patio to protect the slabs from looking shoddy for years, so any spillages from drinks, food, oil, grease, will be very easy to clean off as the sealer gives you that protective barrier, it also protects the slabs from getting that dreaded black spot

We also have the knowledge and tools to correct sealers that have been applied incorrectly/failed by other companies or people that have tried some DIY

Why use Projet when it comes to sealing?

We’re proud to have many years experience in the sealing industry, having successfully passed 2 approved applicator courses for 2 of the main sealing companies in the UK.

Our sealing part of the business is a really big hit for the spring & summer months, many customers weren’t aware of the many benefits you get from sealing. This has made us, as a company, put that extra effort in to educate our customers on the pros of getting your driveway sealed.

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