Protective sealing & weed inhibiter

With summer finally feeling like it’s finally started, people are noticing the work that needs to be done outside in the gardens. When we’re planning a family bbq or a get together with friends, we all want our outdoors looking nice and clean


Why should I seal my paving?

Sealing block paving, will create a barrier and coat that repels water, oil and dirt. Sealing will also help to preserve the paving’s natural beauty for years to come. Also the sealer sets the sand hard between the joints, it helps prevent things from growing between them and encouraging weed growth.


Before we apply any sealer, we clean the surface including removing all weeds/dirt out of the joints. Then once dry, we apply fresh sand into the joints between the blocks to keep them secure and prevents them from sinking. Then the final step would be to seal the block paving and joints to give your driveway that fresh new look with the protection of any unwanted oil spills & weed prevention.


Our sealing part of the business is growing bigger & bigger each year, many customers weren’t aware of the many benefits you get from sealing. This has made us as a company, put that extra effort in to educate our customers on the pros of getting your driveway sealed.


We also seal & repoint patios, the benefits of having your patio sealed are that it protects the natural slab from staining, easy maintenance going forward plus you got choose from a range of finishes, wet look, matt and invisible. The joints of slabs over time start to break & crumble, we can replace all of the old pointing and repoint the slabs with a selection of coloured resin


We also offer a maintenance package once you’ve used our sealing service to keep your sealed area in tip top condition all year round


We’ve attached photos of our favourite job this month, we cleaned and sealed this limestone patio after its lost its colour over the years. It’s now back to black & looking brand new