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Roof Cleaning Services

Moss or algae on your roof is not just unsightly – it may well be damaging your tiles and is almost certainly clogging up your gutters with debris. ProJet Nottingham roof cleaners offer a professional roof cleaning and moss removal service to rid your roof of any unwanted growth. 


Unless your roof is made from slate, roof tiles provide a breeding ground for moss, algae and lichens. This biological growth thrives in damp, dark environments so you’re likely to find it growing underneath your tiles. As it grows, moss can push up the tiles, creating gaps that may allow water to seep into your home. In addition, the silt that erodes from most tiles frequently slides down into gutters providing the perfect environment for plants, weeds and grass to develop. This often results in overflow or blockages. Having your roof cleaned professionally will preserve the life of the roof and prevent problems associated with blocked and overflowing gutters. ProJet offers two roof cleaning services. We’ll advise which one is better for you depending on the age and condition of your roof and the type of tile you have. 


The first option is to pressure wash your roof. This method works best for newer roofs that are in good condition. We don’t advise pressure washing your roof if you have slate tiles, as they are less able to withstand the pressure. Our specialist equipment allows us to wash at a low pressure protecting the roof while stimulating the removal of moss and algae. Once the roof is clean, we clear out all your gutters and flush out your downpipe to make sure it’s unblocked. While we’re up there, we keep an eye out for any broken tiles and will talk to you about replacing them as needed. Once the roof is dry, the final step is to treat it with our professional moss killer, which eliminates any remaining green spores and keeps your roof moss-free for years to come. 


The second option is to scrape the moss off the roof. We use this method for older roofs or those with tiles that are less robust and are likely to get damaged by pressure washing. Our experts manually scrape away all the moss and algae on your roof and check for any tiles that need replacing before applying our moss roof treatment. Again, we will give your gutters a thorough clear out to make sure there’s no opportunity for vegetation to take root, and we’ll make sure your downpipe is free from blockages.