Weathering Challenges, Embracing Solutions

With the wettest July and an unpredictable August, we’ve navigated through some business challenges. Yet, it’s these very obstacles that define success.
One key challenge? Sealing block paving driveways. Previously, weather-dependent schedules held us back. Thanks to innovative solutions from our trusted supplier, we’re now sealing paving just a day after cleaning – maintaining our top-tier results and your convenience.
As previously mentioned, rain brought challenges and a silver lining. Overflowing gutters due to rainstorms caused indoor troubles. Staying on schedule was key – we swiftly addressed the issue. Armed with the finest gutter vacuum, we tackled even the trickiest spots, bypassing the limitations of ladders.Our approach with ladder and vacuum combo ensures no task is daunting. While ladders might seem old-fashioned, they’re irreplaceable. In fact, we’ve even disassembled gutter downpipes to clear blockages – a feat beyond a gutter vacuum’s capabilities.


Last month, we’ve seen a rise in our maintenance program for sealed driveways/patios. After the initial cleaning, sanding, and sealing, our program maintains your space while preventing weed, moss, and algae growth. Unlike seasonal sealing, our year-round roof cleaning/moss removal not only enhances your property’s appearance but also relieves roof stress, preventing gutter blockages.

If you have any external cleaning needs or simply have a question then please get in touch!