4 Signs that your Gutter Needs Cleaning and Repairs

leaves clogging up gutters on house

How often do you think about your house’s gutters? We’ll bet it’s not all that often. Gutters are one of those things that we often overlook, but are crucial in keeping our homes in good shape. Mostly, your guttering does its job, but when it becomes blocked by fallen leaves or moss, or is damaged and in need of repair, it can cause some serious issues for your home. Gutter cleaning services can often be the answer and especially as we move into the colder months, gutter repair and gutter cleaning become more important. 

How does guttering work?

Your gutter sits around the edges of your roof, they are open at the top to allow rainwater to collect. The job of a gutter is to transport rainwater from your roof into a downspout system and directly into a drain or away from your property. This system ensures that rainwater is kept away from your home and helps to keep the foundations dry and undamaged. If your guttering isn’t working as it should, you run the risk of troublesome leaks in your house, structural instability, and flooded areas around your home. All of these can be very costly to fix in comparison to gutter repair which is much more affordable.

Rain falling down onto a white house gutter

How do you know that your gutter needs cleaning or repairs?

There are a few telltale signs and signals to look out for that will let you know when your gutter is in need of a good clean, or you need some gutter repairs made. 

1. Water is spilling over the sides of your gutter

Your gutters are out in the elements and a lot of the time that can mean that they are getting clogged with dirt, leaves, branches, and moss. When there are blockages in your gutters the rainwater will become displaced and this often then results in water beginning to spill over the sides. This means that water can potentially get into the more susceptible areas of your home and cause damage. 

leaves clogging up gutters on house

2. You notice sagging gutters 

If there is a large build-up of debris or standing water in your gutters, you may begin to see the gutter sagging away from the fascia board. This is a common problem and can result in breakages to your guttering which may need to be repaired or replaced, as well as water damage to your property.

3. Birds are landing in the gutters 

A good way to tell if your gutters are in need of a clean is if you start to see birds landing in the gutters more frequently. Birds may see a clogged gutter as the perfect place for nesting. Birds’ nests will further clog up your guttering and provide additional weight which can cause the gutter to pull away from the fascia and become damaged. 

A close up of a house gutter with two little birds sat on a roof tile and six more sat on the edge of the gutter

4. Staining on the side of the building

If your gutters are in need of a clean, you might notice staining and mildew on your house’s brickwork beneath the gutter. This staining will be a result of water flooding in the gutter and spilling down onto the walls of your house, leaving residual stagnant water marks behind.


So if you’ve been seeing any of these signs and signals, it might be time to consider finding gutter cleaning services near you. Dirty and clogged gutters can result in water damage to your property, and so it is important to think about house gutter cleaning once or twice a year. 

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