March Editorial

During January/February we’ve been working flat out to ensure we keep our customers happy.

The winter months really have an effect on our external surfaces. Our gutters get full of debris, moss and leafs. Our roofs form more moss & lichen. Our patios turn green/black and sloppy, also our driveways become tired , dirty and full of weeds & moss. We are also taking bookings for spring for our sealing service on patios & driveways, our top of the range sealers will help protect your surfaces and help prevent weed growth.
Thankfully at Projet we offer a 5 star service that can get the outside of your property looking new again.

Now, on to Roof Cleaning can make a staggering visual change to your property. Over the years weather conditions can cause roof tiles to discolour and moss to grow. With a mossy roof comes blocked up gutters which can cause issues to the brickwork of your property when they are over flowing. Also you’re forever sweeping up the moss off your driveway, paths & patios. When we go and meet our potential customers, they name most, if not all of the above issues to why they are having there roof cleaned. There’s different ways to cleaning different roof tiles, we wouldn’t just go steam/pressure washing any roof tile, we have profiled scrapers to match up to all tiles that will get the moss off, then along side our treatment and maintenance treatments. You wouldn’t ever need your roof cleaning again.

Only ever use professionals to clean your property. We are fully insured and highly experienced. A visit from Projet will give the outside of your property that refreshing look it deserves