How often should you clean your gutters?

A picture of gutter cleaning services being carried out on a house by ProJet, using a gutter vacuum.

How often do you look up to check your gutters? For most people, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind as long as everything’s working. But not staying on top of your gutter cleaning can open up the floodgates to a slew of bigger problems. 

Gutters ensure that rainwater from your roof flows through the downspout into the drains and is directed safely away from your home. A clear gutter prevents water from pouring down the sides of your house and gathering in puddles on the ground. Overflow water can lead to all sorts of issues including stained siding, rotting fascia boards, and even causing damage to the foundations of your home.

Why do gutters get blocked?

Gutters get blocked with leaves, twigs and other natural debris. High winds can send detritus flying everywhere, so it’s not uncommon to find plastic bags and other rubbish when you start your gutter clearing. Unless your roof is slate, it’s also worth checking for plants and grass, which can grow in silt that erodes from most tiles. You may even find that the local wildlife has set up home – gutters provide a safe haven for birds and other small creatures!

How do you know if your gutters need cleaning?

The biggest sign that something isn’t right is if you can see water spilling over the sides of your gutter. The best time to check is during a heavy downpour – you’ll soon be able to see if the runoff water is getting backed up rather than flowing freely through the downspout. That means it’s time for a thorough roof gutter cleaning to identify what’s causing the problem, so you can get the water running back through your pipes and away from your home.   

How often should gutters be cleaned?

This depends on where you live, but twice a year is a good starting point. It’s important to give them a thorough cleaning in late autumn after the leaves have fallen, and then again in the spring to get rid of any debris from winter storms. If you live in a green area or have lots of trees overhanging your house, you’ll want to clean them more frequently to keep your gutter clear.

How to clean gutters

Before attempting to clean your gutters, there are a few things to consider. If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need a ladder, a bucket and some rubber gloves or a spade to scoop out the sludge. Once that’s clear, you can use a pressure washer or garden hose with a spray attachment to flush out the gutters and clean the pipes. Using a ladder can be dangerous, so for many people, hiring a professional gutter cleaning service is the best option. 

As part of ProJet’s service, we not only clean your gutters and flush out your pipes to remove build-up, we can also identify potential issues like sagging gutters, loose screws or faulty brackets before they become a problem. Our team also use the most specialist equipment, such as the latest gutter vacuum systems. This ensures the service we provide is of the highest quality and get the best results, the first time around. Check out the team below demonstrating a gutter vac in action;


An image showing Projet at work using a gutter vac to remove build up in the guttering of a house

The projet vans parked outside a house, with a projet employee using the gutter vacuum to clean the house guttering

If you’re looking for peace of mind with your gutter maintenance, just get in touch with ProJet today!